Rear Window

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Mark Hunter
Excellent deduction game

I’ve seen this compared to Mysterium which I didn’t enjoy. This one hits all the right notes though. It’s fun playing as the director or the watchers. Just a fabulous deduction game.

Helen Pang
Quick and fun game

Players don’t need to have watched the Alfred Hitchcock movie, but it’s a bit more fun if you do.

Our family thoroughly enjoyed it. We played three games after opening the box. Will be our new go-to game for now.

Rear Window: Mastermind with a Twist

In some aspects, Rear Window can be compared to the classic Mastermind, as a group of players is trying to replicate the hidden combination of occupants of four apartments that is known only to the Director. Clues are given through images cards that can have multiple meaning and also pose a challenge to the Director. A particularly good draw of cards can have the code cracked on the second day (turn), but bad cards can extend the speculation to a nail-biting fourth and final day. The fun twist is that the other players never know if the Director is trying to help them win or if a Murder card has been drawn, forcing the Director to muddy the waters and help the players... but only up to a point. Discussion is key, as the Director who must remain silent can adjust his clues according to the player's interpretations and reasoning. Inevitably, a game ends with "Let's play again!". Our group played enough games in 48 hours that I felt that the purchase price had been fully recouped. A fun addition to any game library.

Miguel Ladouceur
Rear window

This is a surprisingly great game. Mysterium meets Mastermind. One player gives images as clues and the other players try to figure out the residents and their motives… unless the clue giver is trying to hide a murder!

Luke Schmid
Perfect Gift

Bought this as a gift for a huge Hitchcock fan and avid gamer. Recipient was unaware this item even existed so they simply had an awestruck look up on opening.

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