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Fantasy Flight Games  |  SKU: FFGTER01

Heroes of Terrinoth

$42.49 CAD
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Designer Brady Sadler
Adam Sadler
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games
Players 1-4
Playtime 30-60 mins
Suggested Age 14 and up

Heroes of Terrinoth is a cooperative card game of questing and adventure that invites you and up to three allies to take on the role of unique heroes, choosing from twelve distinct and powerful heroes, split between four archetypes—healer, warrior, mage, and scout. These archetypes are further diversified into different classes that your heroes can pursue as your power grows. Regardless of which archetype and class you embrace, you and your friends must combine your powers, leaning on one another’s strengths to survive your journeys and defeat the enemies who stand against you. Over the course of eight thrilling quests, you will face villainous foes, battle deadly creatures, and save the realm!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Frederic Barbe
A feel good game

Way better than the the previous entry Warhammer card game, if a little expensive. Even though an expansion would be appreciated at this point, I still enjoy every scenario as a contained package.

Mat Bedor
Fun co-op, always willing, 7 out of 10 on BGG

5+ 2 player games

First off let me say that this game is fun, secondly let me say that it’s has no theme whatsoever and I have no idea what Terrinoth is nor do I care....

The mechanics in this thing are stellar, we enjoy it all. It’s a great co-op that can actually be played by 2 players using “just” two characters or (is simple enough) could be played with 2 players using all four characters, we’ve done both and liked it. Good game all around.

A note to Fantasy Flight:
Ahem....if you want me to be interested in a fictional fantasy setting, make it INTERESTING!

Christian Scott
Great cooperative adventure game

Solid all-around package here. Game length is great. You feel like you've had a nice little adventure and you only had to invest 45 minutes into it. The rules aren't too hard to get, and it flows pretty well after your first game. Good at all player counts, although I think 2 and 4 are best. Decent amount of replayability with the different characters and scenarios, and I like the mild customization you get to do to your character during the scenarios.
Overall, there's a lot to like here, will be on the lookout for expansions!

Michel Ruest

Excellent game! Lots of options and interesting decisions with a lot of replay value. Expansions would definitely add even more interest!

9/10 Great Simple Coop

Lots of variety and replayablity. Simple to teach but not so simple that it suffers from Alpha Gamer issues. Plenty of player agency and upgrades that make you think when contrasted with the different needs of different quests. I would likely rate it even higher when addition content comes out but as a core box they did it right.