The Quest for El Dorado (English Edition)

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Peter Lo
Wonderful deckbuilder race game

Very good intro to deckbuilder games. You can replay the game with many variations as the map is entirely modular!

Sven Steinbach
A fantastic game for any occasion!

The Quest for El Dorado is a wonderfully clean design that manages to create a tense experience from start to finish. For such a simple rule set, the amount of strategic and tactical decisions is quite rich, without ever becoming overwhelming.
At its heart, the game is all about getting the pacing right and adapting your moves to the modular race track as well as to opponents’ maneuvers. This captures the theme of the game amazingly well; you really feel like you’re racing across the board.
The Quest for El Dorado is so accessible that I officially recommend it to literally everyone.

Alana Tocher
Big Hit!

This is absolutely one of my favourite games of all time, so fun and very replayable! I love the El Dorado theme, and the pieces are super high quality, typical for Ravensburger. Turns move really fast in this game which is great, not a lot of waiting time involved. Highly recommend for a medium-weight game!

Chad Doetzel
Be like Indiana Jones.

Easy to learn deck building game. Be the first one to get through the jungle.

Cory Adrian
Quick teach and short play time means it hits the table often

Pretty much teaches itself as you play. Rounds go so quickly – you go and before you know it, you're going again! Lots of great interaction between players that doesn't feel overly mean. If you block someones movement well they can either take the long road or deck build. Lots of great choices and it rarely feels like you're just sitting there not doing anything.

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