Zombie Kidz Evolution

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Great Game for Kids

My daughter loves this game and being able to collect stickers on the progress report to reach the next envelope level is such a great idea and keeps the game interesting. This is a great way to introduce team strategy for kids.

Mira Tuepah
Great Game!

My 7 year old got this for Christmas and my husband and I love playing this game with her. She loves opening the envelopes and seeing if we met goals to put a sticker on. I also love the fact that each around lasts about 15 minutes so it's a good game if you don't have a lot of time to play.

Christie Cryderman
Opening the next envelope is a draw for kids.

I was hesitant about the theme being concerning for my 5 yo, but 5 and 9yo love a gentle yet scary theme. The legacy style is addictive.

Ashley Yeung
A must have game for kids!

We had SO much fun with this game. Most games, it was me and my 6 year old, but sometimes my partner or 4 year old would join. My 6 year old loved playing enough games to get to the next envelope and trying to complete the goals that would give extra stickers. The complexity level was a bit much for my 4 year old, but perfect for my 6 year old, though I think older kids would enjoy it as well. I love how the game slowly introduces rules to make it more complex. And I also loved how this was a game I could truly enjoy playing with my kids. Highly recommend!

Matt Pace
Great legacy style game to play with your kids

I love legacy and campaign style games and thought it would be fun to have that feeling of progression with a kid’s game that my 11 year old would enjoy, so I picked this up.

The base game is pretty simple but an enjoyable little co-op experience which doesn’t outstay it’s welcome as each game wraps up in about 10-15 mins. This game would get very boring if it was the same thing over and over which is why the opening of the envelopes to add player/enemy powers adds so much to the game.

Honestly, the excitement my children got from opening the envelopes is what made the experience so enjoyable. Having stickers to mark achievements was a great idea too and it gave each game a goal to try to unlock one of them.

In all, the legacy aspect made this game fun, without it the game would have been lacklustre at best but considering you get an unlock every 2-3 games it’s enough to keep playing and keep the excitement level high.

Not recommended for a game group, this is a great family experience but nothing more.

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