Stone Age

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Artem Kostonyan
Family Classic

This is so simple to teach, has beautiful art, fun of dice rolling combined with multiple strategies. Keeps coming back to the table with great success at 2 and 3 player counts. We are also now much faster at finishing the game. It really feels like a classic design.

Luke Piefer
Fun, simple, accessible, charming game. Not a lot of replay value or deep strategy.

I was tempted to give this game 3 stars because it's not quite deep enough for my preferences, but I was also tempted to give it 5 stars because it's one of the best, most fun games for people looking for this level of game. I split the difference and gave it 4 stars. It can be a little frustrating how much luck is a factor, but that also helps the game zip along because you don't have much information to go on so there's nothing to give you analysis paralysis. Every once in a while I catch myself thinking for a minute or more on a turn and then I'm like, "Come on Luke, it's not that type of game." Which is a fun change of pace for someone who usually plays much heavier games. It's also a beautiful game and a cute theme, which can make a big difference. There aren't that many different strategies to explore. Just plan a move or two ahead, make productive moves, go with the best options the game gives you, and try to play the odds of the dice.

Scott M
Great Worker Placement Game

It's not the newest, nor the flashiest, but it's a smooth, easy to teach game that is very satisfying to play.

chris saman
great intro to worker placement

a fantastic stepping stone to heavier worker placement games.

Greg Van Geest
Favourite Meeple Placement Game

This is a great meeple placement game in which you use your 5 meeple to collect resources, buy cards, build huts or use a special action to improve your tribe for the long term.
It's easy to teach, fun to play, and works well with all player counts.

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