Hi everyone, please see below for Boxing day sale information:

  • The sale will only last 1 day and will start Friday Dec 26th at 12am EST and sale will end on End of day the same day at 11:59pm EST
  • Orders over $50 will be eligible for a 10% off with discount code "BOXING-DAY-2014-10OFF"
  • Special items and bundle will appear for a VERY special price, and the 10% discount will go on top of them.
  • Hold order features will not be available.  ALL orders placed on boxing day will be shipped out.  (We are hoping to get more space back more games in 2015!  Sorry for inconvenient!) - however, Pick Up is allow if you like to pick up the games in person.  Please note that we are not open for pickup until the new year.
  • All pre-order items will not be available during the sale.
  • Please do expect the shipping to take a few days longer than usual, and we do want to get them out asap.
Thank you very much for shopping at BoardGameBliss, we wish you a wonderful Christmas time with your love ones!!

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