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Boxing Day Contest + Sale 2013

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope you all have a wonderful time this year!  BoardGameBliss is thankful to all the customers who has given us the opportunity to serve them.  This is our 1st boxing day event.  We hope this will be a good event for all of us! Below are the details of the event. 

  • This is a 1 Day Only Event.  Starting Dec 26th, 2013, 12:01am (est) and ending on Dec 26th, 2013, 11:59pm (est).
  • All orders will enjoy a 10% Off Discount (before shipping and tax) on all in-stock items.  
    • Use coupon BOXING-DAY-2013-10OFF during checkout to get 10% off.
  • There will be No Exchange/Refund for orders placed on this day, unless a mistake made by us like we sent you the wrong game.
  • Additionallya Contest will be held for eligible orders that are placed on Dec 26th.  Here are the details:
    • 1 draw ticket is issued for every $20 CAD spent at our store on this day (before discount, shipping and tax).  For example, an $105 CAD order before discount will be eligible for 5 tickets.
    • Orders amount can be combined if there are multiple orders placed by the same person.
    • On Dec 27th, all tickets will then be put into a pool and 3 draws will happen.
    • 1st draw, the winner will get a $25 CAD BoardGameBliss Gift Card
    • 2nd draw, the winner can choose to get ONE of the following
      • $50 CAD BoardGameBliss Gift Card -OR-
      • A brand new copy of the long out of print Manila (Zoch German Edition).  This is an excellent family game I think the publisher should reprint, currently Rank 370 on BoardGameGeek. -OR-
      • A brand new copy of the long out of print Chinatown (Z-man English Edition).  This is an excellent negotiation game, currently Rank 291 on BoardGameGeek.
    • 3rd draw, the winner can choose to get ONE of the following
      • $100 CAD BoardGameBliss Gift Card -OR-
      • A brand new copy of the long out of print Die Macher (Valley Game English Edition).  This is a "VERY" rare game, some call this the Grand Daddy of Euro games, currently Rank 62 on BoardGameGeek -OR-
      • A brand new copy of the long out of print Colosseum (Days of Wonder English Edition), an excellent family game currently Rank 259 on BoardGameGeek.
    • Result will be posted on our Facebook page on Dec 27th.
  • Please note that after each draw, the winning ticket will be withdrawn from the pool.  This means the same ticket will not be used twice, but the same customer may potentially win more than 1 prize if they have multiple tickets in the pool.
  • On top of the sale, there will also be some item on sale for a VERY special price.
  • Please understand that depending on the amount of orders we get, we may not be able to ship within 3 business days.  We will still do our best.

Thank you everyone!  If possible, please consider to help by share a few words for this event too, much appreciated!

We wish each of you will have a happy gaming with your love ones, and a wonderful, blessed year to come!