Zombicide (2nd Edition)

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Christopher Mercado

Great game

B Amanda Dickie
Amera-Trash at it's finest

Waitresses, roller blades, chainsaws. Honestly, not sure what else there is to say? Zombicide packs the a mixture of the tension and outright obsurdity of the zombie genre into a table top game that has you and your teammates advancing from tensely, quietly sneaking around trying to avoid making noise to silently compelte objectives before a gloriously bloody rise to battling the hordes back to back outside in the streets.
While the campaign itself lacks in story the title based scenarios, various objectives and level progression of your characters adds variability to each game night. The minis are beautiful and varried with basic zombies, fast runner zombies and unfortunately named 'fattie' or heavier zombies along with Epic towering Abominations. Survivor Characters are varied with special skills and abilities as they level up, your group is forced to balance experience gain with the danger threshold.
While Zombicide has some strategy involved, it earns the Amero-Trash label aside from basic goals and early game threat of enemies if you are able to survive the first few rounds, gather items and level wisely you get to enjoy the guts and glory that any good zombie movie contains.
Targeting rules/combat can be a bit tricky to learn first time from the rules, but the game is simple enough that new players can pick it up and enjoy the easy flowing theme and simpler objectives. Great for groups who enjoy a bit of randomness and lighter strategy and story.
It's Fun, Silly, Co-operative and nicely themed.

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