Twilight Struggle (Deluxe Edition) (8th Printing)

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bofei zhao

Twilight Struggle (Deluxe Edition) (8th Printing)

William Hunt
One of the best had to head games ever

I love this series of games. If you want to get a taste of twilight struggle without the long game time start with TS:Red Sea. It's so good and can be played solo. It's my new favourite quick battle game. I also highly recommend Imperial Struggle. It is the best game I've played in a long time. My#1. I also really enjoy Labyrinth which is a little easier to start with or 1989 Dawn of Freedom. I think most people will enjoy any of these games.

Aleksandar Jovic
A beautiful design for 2 players

A wonderful 2 player game that formerly topped the BGG charts. The game looks a lot heavier than it is, and once you get the flow, you'll find yourself in a fantastic back and forth, where clever tactics/strategy will win the day. Multiple paths to victory give you the flexibility to enact your master plan. Sometimes it feels like you're forced to play the "least bad" situation, but your opponent is also juggling with the same difficult decisions.
Highly recommended for any of the following:
* History buffs: (plenty of real world cards, and the rule book contains context for the cards)
* 2 player enthusiasts: asymmetrical gameplay where both players will be given tricks up their sleeves in a fantastic tug of war
* Area control enthusiasts: Clever card play and some other mechanics do a wonderful job of making area control feel meaningful.

A tight design, and one I'd highly recommend.

You may want sleeves, because the cards are that glossy papery cardstock, and cardplay is the primary mechanic to influence the board.

Emil Dafinov
The card driven conflict game

Popularized the genre of Card Driven Games depicting conflicts. Not too heavy ruleset, tons of different strategy, a real delight :)

Charles Nadeau
Rich deep gameplay.

There are so many ways to play, each game can be vastly different.

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