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SlugFest Games  |  SKU: 878098553

The Red Dragon Inn: Gambling? I'm In!

$17.95 CAD
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Publisher SlugFest Games
Players 2-8
Playtime 5 mins
Suggested Age 15 and up
Integrates With

The Red Dragon Inn 2
The Red Dragon Inn 3
The Red Dragon Inn 4
The Red Dragon Inn

From the publisher:

The Red Dragon Inn: Gambling I'm In! is a game about the games that the heroes play when they gamble at the Red Dragon Inn. Now, players of The Red Dragon InnThe Red Dragon Inn 2The Red Dragon Inn 3, and The Red Dragon Inn 4 can play out an actual round of gambling when they play the "Gambling? I'm In!" card! Even better, the gambling games also can be played on their own as standalone games, or as part of your RPG, or LARP. The game will come with a 93 card Rogues and Warriors Deck, a bunch of 6 sided dice, coin tokens, debt and loan tokens and rules for at least 7 games! Some of the games use dice. Some of the games use cards from the Rogues and Warriors Deck, and some of the games use dice and cards.

This card deck was developed as a stand-alone game as well as a possible replacement to the gambling component in Red Dragon Inn 1 and 2.

The deck consists of 90 cards. The deck is broken down into three colors (rust, green, and blue) with 6 different symbols. The card faces feature 1 Knight, 2 Ladys, 3 Bards, 4 Merchants, and 5 Rogues per card symbol. There is a die symbol on each card with a number of pips equal to the number of cards of its type and a set of symbols on the right that denote character superiority in certain game variations. Some games with this deck involve 6 D6 dice (not included).

There are five base games included and are as follows:

  1. Rogues and Warriors - Similar to two card poker, each player is dealt two cards. You compare these two cards to the symbols on the right to determine how powerful your hand is.
  2. Threes - Uses all dice, no cards.
  3. Jack of All Trades - Uses 5 dice and only the Rogue and Warrior cards. The theme is putting your workers to work and using the cards and dice to complete jobs.
  4. Den of Thieves - No dice. Hands are dealt and players use the special abilities of each character to influence hand weight and scoring.
  5. The Wheel (and The Clock) - No dice. Players try to guess what cards others are collecting in order to gain points and win the round.

When combined with The Red Dragon games, when a player plays the "Gambling, I'm in!" card, the player may decide to choose any game from the list to play instead of the normal gambling rules. Special rules are included for each variation when combining this with the normal game.

There will be other variations available as Slugfest has invited players to create their own games with the deck and the ones deemed best will be included in later rules updates.

Integrates with: