Sentinels of the Multiverse - Enhanced Core Edition

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Jared Paton
My favourite game

Pros: A unique, new comic universe
Simple instructions for play, play a card, use a power, draw a card
Unique heroes with themed decks
Massive amounts of replayability, many combinations of heroes, villains, and environments
Great opportunity for some really neat combos

Cons: A bit fiddly, especially for newer players, and especially with the more complicated heroes and villains
Hard to choose which hero you want to play, and what villain you want to play against

How does it play with 2: Not fantastic, two players each have to choose two heroes to make the game balanced. Some of the heroes are a bit complicated to be using two of them. However, I love the game, and I love to solo it, so I routinely play with 4 heroes myself without much issue.

Denny Lam
What is the super hero game?

If you're looking for the best super hero game and has been comparing DC deck building game, Legendary and Sentinel of the multiverse. You don't need to look anymore. IMO, this is the best super hero game. This is not a deck builder and each hero has it's own deck. It gives you a sense that each hero are unique. This game is really fun and challenging. With this core edition you'll get all the best hero in the game. There are expansion that add additional variety however these basic hero are still the best.

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