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Designer Dirk Henn
Publisher Queen Games
Players 3-6
Suggested Age 12

Colonia in the Middle Ages. The largest city of the Holy Roman Empire is renowned for its famous cathedrals and versatile trade. Reputable patrician families hold influential positions in the City Council and are in control of the city’s fortune. They are always striving to increase their riches and to consolidate their power. Each family wants to be the most influential - but only one may achieve this goal!

The players take on the role of influential patrician families in Medieval Colonia. They strive to lead their family to the most powerful position by acquiring precious relics. In order to achieve this, players must buy commodities and produce and sell goods. Only families selling their goods for a high price can afford expensive relics. The player owning the most valuable collection of relics at the end of the game will be the winner.

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