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Interesting creative concept. We enjoyed building our pictures and enjoying their titles. Have only played it once so far but are looking forward to the next round.

Martha Mccart
Beautiful game

Great game, easy to play. Beautiful art on the cards.

Jennifer Olsten

Excellent condition, fast delivery and a great game!

Michael Li
One of the best welcoming games out there

The simple design and gorgeous artwork make this a perfect game to introduce to someone who hasn't played many board games before. Everyone can appreciate the art they've created, and more experienced people while also enjoy the puzzle arrangement gameplay.

B Amanda Dickie
The most beatifully crafted game ever

The box HANGS LIKE A CANVAS on your wall. I mean, the theme and visual style of this game is fantastic.
Perfect for families, light games and openers.
Seconds to teach, set up and play.
Its beautiful designed from the box, to the components to the storage.
If you ever get a change to open this box IRL you are in for a treat, the storage layout is beautiful labelled inside on the bottom box. It comes with card sleeves and a play mat.

You are using your inspiration(currency) to bid on subjects to craft your 3 best paintings. Cards are all transparent and slot into a background canvas with different combinations of colours/compositions and other metrics to score you points based on the randomized point set up.

The art style and your final completed paintings generate their own titles and it's just fun for everyone at the table.

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