Beneath the Med

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Ian O'Neill
A good game that could have been little better...

Under the Med was my first foray into solo war gaming (actually, any kind of solo gaming). I enjoy this game but have to confess it really doesn't allow for a lot of decision making. Give me a bit more control and you've got the perfect game. It's a roll then check chart kind of game. However, with the few decision you have to make like distance from target, which target, follow or not to follow, deck gun shots... It's enough to keep me coming back. There are nice little touches like leveling up your crew and decorating you captain after certain achievements that give it a flare for the dramatic. Love chasing down enemies and rolling to see just what ship I get to attack... or not! Is it escorted and will I take a chance at attacking that escort? Was I detected and can I fire first? All of this ramps up the tension and makes for a fun and tense game. I'll be bringing this to the table every so often just to keep my submarine skills sharp! Cheers and happy hunting!

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