Abyss (Second Edition) (aka 5th Anniversary Edition)

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David Supina
Smooth-playing, mid-weight card game with terrific art

This just plays so well, from two to four players. One of my favourite card games, and one of the easiest games for me to pull out with just about any group of people. Underrated gem.

Jamie Joss
Fun game

This is a fun game that isn't too difficult but provides a good decision space. I agree it plays better at 3 and 4 over 2, but you can still enjoy it at 2. The art is amazing!

Daniel Gallagher
The Game Is Fun, This Much Is True, But Doesn't Play That Well With Two!

Not a strong two player option although the box advertises 2 player. This was disappointing to discover though the game played very well at 4+ player counts.

Showan Alwan
Abyss video review

In Abyss players are competing in order to become ruler of the underwater world known as Abyss. The game is a beautiful combination of set collecting, hand management, and card drafting which flows very smoothly. Abyss is very easy to learn/teach and provides a lot of replayability. The artwork is simply amazing maybe you should just watch the review instead! Dont forget to like and subscribe to the channel if you like what you see :)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eY5RvpLRVgk&index=4&list=PLZDFcudB09O5GczGRoJ9pwoBEo9RnqUVD

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