Undaunted: Normandy

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Rob Bottos
Not for me

Beautiful components but after a few plays, the game wasn't really for me. Can't really put a finger on what I didn't like but it just didn't click.

Dimitri Desmonts de Lamache
Such a great game!

I was on the edge o buying this game for the longest time. I am not a wargamer but know I can say without hesitation that this game is almost perfect to me. I don't know how it works so well, it combines many mechanics that shouldn't work well together but they do so brilliantly.

Rob Bottos
Undaunted indeed!

I'd been wanting to try this gamer for some time and tonight I sat down with my friend Kendrick and in less than 15 minutes, he had explained the game, we then set up the first scenario and proceeded to play. Over the course of the next hour and a half we played the first scenario twice, taking a turn playing each side. I love the puzzle this game presents. The heart of the game is the deck management. Spend too long building the perfect deck and you could see your opponent slip across the board, seize the objectives and win. I love the footprint of the game and the narrative it creates. As I played I found myself thinking how cool would it be if there were other nationality expansions, say like the Canadians :) Bottom line, its easy to learn, has a great narrative, and is quick to play. A game that is appealing to both new or seasoned grognards.

Graham Fish
Really fun

Really easy to get to the table and scratches that itch with a really great system that utilizes a deck of cards. Will get better and better with more entries

Patrick Craig
Good WW2 Game

Undaunted: Normandy has a good clean system in place that allows for some interesting deck building decisions. I am looking forward to Undaunted Normandy to further explore this system.

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