Ultra Pro - PRO-Gloss 100ct Standard Deck Protector® sleeves: Clear

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Bobby Bhalla
Consistent quality

These are my go-to sleeves. Rugged and don’t disappoint

Doug Mann
The Decline of Ultra Pro

I bought four packs of these new Ultra Pro standard sleeves, and found that they are quite a bit tighter than the old ones. Ironically, I bought them instead of my go-to Mayday premium sleeves because their new ones are also tighter. I measured them with a ruler - the old Ultra Pros were 66.7mm across (+/- 0.1mm), the new ones 65.7mm. This might not seem like much of a difference, but when you stack 20 or more sleeves, they bulge up, and no longer fit most standard game inserts, so for most games, they’re almost useless (e.g. for a game like Unmatched, which has a nice insert that is tall enough to fit a deck of loosely sleeved cards.

So I had to go through my lesser played games to find a couple that I could unsleeve, then swap in the new Ultra Pros (I “mined” some old Maydays on Fool’s Gold, since the individual decks are only about 45 cards) so I could recycle the old ones. Also, the new Ultra Pros seem a bit stiffer, but that might be my imagination. They are solid, with only a few defective ones per pack.

Are there any standard clear sleeves that haven’t gotten narrower that don’t cost an arm and a leg? The old Fantasy Flights fit nicely, though they had that extra chunk of plastic at the top.

chris saman
great sleeves

great quality sleeve for the price. I wish they would just get rid of the hologram!

Amy Lo

Really solid deck protectors for card games that require a lot of "handling".

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