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The Victory of Arminius: Teutoburg Forest, IX AD

In Stock

$37.95 CAD

John Prados
Turning Point Simulations
Players 2

The Victory of Arminius is a tactical game for two players that depicts one of the most famous battles of the Roman Empire, the action that stopped the empire’s expansion into Germany in A.D. 9, when three Roman Legions were destroyed in fighting with the German tribes. The players take sides, one commanding the Germans, the other the Romans.

Each hex is about fifty meters across, and game turns represent about forty-five minutes of fighting. Counters in the game represent “units,” the combat formations of both sides, and markers used to denote various game functions or conditions. Unlike many other simulations, The Victory of Arminius has no “Combat Results Table.” Rather, the battle function is adjudicated entirely with dice.


  1. Mounted, full-color Board
  2. Rules
  3. ~140 counters
  4. Aid Card

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