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The Fuzzies

$22.95 CAD
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Designers Alex Hague
Justin Vickers
Wolfgang Warsch
Publisher CMYK
Players 2-4
Playing Time 5-15 mins
Suggested Age 6 and up

The Fuzzies is a game about creating gravity-defying towers out of fuzzy little balls.

Draw a card a remove that color of fuzzy using either tweezers or your fingers but you can not get out of your seat. Stick it anywhere higher on the tower.

If you are successful then the next player goes but if any balls drop, you must draw cards equal to the number of balls dropped and do the challenge on your next turn (e.g. remove a Fuzzy while covering your eye)

The game ends when someone oafishly knocks over the tower. That player is the loser, everyone else wins!

  • 95x Fuzzies
  • 30x circular cards
  • 1x circular rulebook
  • 1x plastic container with dual purpose lid/platform
  • 1x tweezers

-description from designer

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Scott Henderson
A Great Compact Dexterity Party Game for Young and Old alike!

This is a great self contained and compact dexterity party game for young and old alike. It was a huge hit after Christmas dinner this past year and continues to be played. These little Fuzzies can contort into amazing towers with twists and turns that seemingly defy gravity, until they don't.

Definitely a fun step up from Jenga, with 5 challenge cards that slightly amp up the difficulty for those players who happen to knock 1-9 Fuzzies off during their turn. Knock off 10 and the game is over. Check out the Forum page to discover other challenges you may want to add into the game. Ours is if you draw the 'How to Play the Fuzzies" game guide out of the challenge card stack you have to do all 5 challenges on your turn.

The Fuzzies may seemingly lose their ability to stick together at some point after a number of play throughs. We've found a fix that's worked for us. Simply take a piece of masking or duct tape and start from the top of your tower and gently roll each ball along the tape and then pop them into the upside down lid. You'll be amazed at how much hair will stick to the tape, even if you don't have pets. Once done, the Fuzzies should be rejuvenated and ready to play with again and again.

Wade Ryder

The Fuzzies

B Amanda Dickie
Jenga with personality

Its a dex game that will have you laughing. Something about the soft, static charged puff balls will have you making pulls and questioning physics as the tower bends/pulls but does... view more

Family Friendly yet also would be a decent drinking game. This is one that I can see playing at xmas with the family, non-gamers and as a great opener.