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The Broken Token - Short Bits Box for Sleeved Card Game Organizer

In Stock

$12.95 CAD

Product Description

This bits box was designed to occupy the center row of our LCG-BO2 Sleeved Card Game Organizer.  Perfect for storing your game tokens and other small items.

This is a 2/3rds-length bits box with 5 adjustible dividers for lots of configuration options.  Also includes a removable lid to keep your tokens secure.

For a longer version of this box, see our LCG-BO2-BB1.

Outside Dimensions: 6 13/16" Long x 3 3/16" Wide x 1 3/4" Tall

Inside Dimensions: 6 9/16" Long x 2 15/16" Wide x 1 1/2" Tall

Download LCG-BO2-BB2 Organizer Assembly instructions

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