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Super Dungeon Explore: Shadow-Mode Candy

$11.95 CAD

$11.95 CAD

Designer Chris Birkenhagen
John Cadice
Deke Stella
Publisher Soda Pop Miniatures
Players 1-6
Playtime 30-150 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up
Expands Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King

Shadow-Mode Candy
is a single miniature expansion for Super Dungeon Explore. The box contains the Shadow-Mode Candy model, cards to use the miniature as a hero or mini-boss, and one unique treasure card.

What happens when a good soda goes bad? Tricked into imbibing a cursed Shadow Soda the Dark Consul has captured a shard of Candy's essence and spun it into living shadow. Now this dark Nether Shadow terrorizes Crystalia, sowing discord and confusion wherever she goes.

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