Star Wars: Legion - Phase I Clone Troopers Upgrade Expansion

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Clones Get bazookas and Shotguns

This pack is so excellent to attach to your Phase 1 Clones, making them incredibly versatile. My favorite of this pack being the Rocket-Launcher heavy trooper miniature that makes your fire support very dangerous. The other options are nice too, adding value to your basic core units. The Specialist generates green tokens and adds an equipment slot, the Captain adds a training slot and can help with suppression. The DP-23/shotgun trooper is another heavy weapons option that makes your clones deadly in close range.
Fantastic purchase to expand your Republic forces and add a bit more variety to how you build your Phase I Clones.
Also, it comes with another core unit order token. This is good incentive to use any miniatures in this pack you don't use as attachment upgrades as another core unit of Phase I Clones.

Victor Bustamante
Just get it (:

If you purchased the clone wars core set then you will be able to field a total of three corps units with the inclusion of this upgrade box. It would have been nice to see an inclusion of a notable, named phase 1 clone trooper. But you'll have to look to the phase II clone boxes for that.

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