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Spielbox Magazine Issue #4, 2015 (English Edition)

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$10.95 CAD

Includes: Promo-board to Puzzle Strike (Pegasus Spiele version)

Made Easy Once Again: Spiel and Kennerspiel des Jahres 2015

An Old Broom Will Sweep Jus as Well: Broom Service
This Ain't No Pony Farm: Evolution
The Heart Note Is Missing: Parfum
Analogous to a Computer Game: Loony Quest
The Mother of All Defeats: Stratego Waterloo
Too Finely Polished: Kraftwagen
Rule-book Vs. Internet Deree: Hyperborea
Circular Motion in Space: Theseus - The Dark Orbit
Where Is Des Moines, Exactly?: Spike
Uwe Likes It Too: Brew Crafters
Focus on Atmosphere: Dead of Winter

Politics Matter for a Guinea Fowl: Perlhuhn-Chronology #12

City Building Games, Part VIII

Look Back
A Big Family and Its Roots: L'Attaque and Stratego

To Be Continued
Historia: Civilization Goals / The Ways of Command

Pure Joy Of Thinking
Towards Towers: Winning by stacking

In the Footsteps of the Emperor for 36 Years: Kevin Zucker's Operational Studies Group

For Kids
Schau mal! Was ist anders?
Froschlein aufgepasst!
Chef Alfredo

At A Glance
Get Lucky

Appropos: Stratego
Short Notes
Tweaks and Variations: Looping Louie and Fendo

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