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Souk (aka Spice Merchant) (French)

In Stock

$20.95 CAD

Gun-Hee Kim
Players 3-4
Playtime 20 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up

Note: This game is in French, but based on BoardGameGeek the game itself is language independent.  

Spice Merchant comes across like a minimalistic Reiner Knizia design in which cards are both stocks in the value of goods and the goods being sold.

Each player starts the game with a hand of seven spice cards, with six types of spices in the game; each player secretly stashes 1-2 cards (depending on the round), and these secret investments will be scored at the end of the round.

Six markets are available in the center of the table for players to create demand. On a turn, a player either lays one card face up in front of him – thereby openly showing a stock in a particular type of good – or plays 1-4 cards of the same spice onto a market. Once a market has a type of goods on it, only goods of the same type can be added to it. No market can have more than four cards on it, and the same good can by played into at most two markets. The player then refills his hand to seven cards.

When all the markets have cards in them or two markets are full with four cards, the round ends. Each player reveals his secret stock; for each stock card that has a market devoted to it, the player scores 1-10 points, depending on the type of spice and the number of cards in the market. A player can score an identical spice card only if two markets carry this spice.

Players clear the markets, then begin a new round. The player with the most points after four rounds wins!

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