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Solarius Mission

$92.95 CAD

$92.95 CAD

Michael Keller (II), Andreas "ode." Odendahl
Players 2-4
Playtime 60-150 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

The ascending nations from earth start into the age of rockets. In the middle of the cold war space was discovered and the race for the most honorable nation expands into space. Finding the few resource-rich or habitable planets is part of the intergalactic race towards colonization. Exploit planets and develop carefully because too much pollution will slow you down. Build up valuable resources, develop advanced technologies and be a pioneer of space flight into the outer limits of the galaxy.

The players start into space with their own space ship and try to build the biggest space stations, colonized the most valuable planets. Succeed to develop the most and finally evolve into space at the end of this race! The most technologically advanced nation will be honored not only on earth...

Solarius Misson is a tactical and strategic civilization game in a pulp science-fiction setting, with a dice-draft, dice manipulation, and resource-management mechanism. It can best be described as a mid-weight euro-style game.

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