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Smiley Games

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$10.95 CAD

Emanuele Pessi
Players 2-10
Playtime 15-30 mins
Suggested Age 5 and up

Smiley Games uses six different smiley cards (happy, angry, wink, sad, surprised, in love) in six different colors (orange, blue, yellow, green, violet, red) — along with special dice — for five different games that stimulate memory, reflexes and visual perception, while also requiring strategy, observation and concentration.

GAME 1: Find it! Be the first player to reach the target number of cards by pointing the right card the fastest.

GAME 2: That's mine! Win the highest number of cards by putting your hand first on a matching card.

GAME 3: Shout! Win the highest number of cards by shouting the name of the player who has a card matching an element of your own card.

GAME 4: Domino. Be the first player to run out of cards by playing a variant of the game Domino.

GAME 5: The last one! Be the first player to run out of cards by discarding matching color or facial expression smileys.

Play and smile!

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