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Designer Reiner Stockhausen
Publisher dlp games
Players 2-4
Playtime 60 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up
Expansion: Siberia: The Card Game

 has a reputation for being a land of vast resources, and players are going to do their best to exploit those resources and convert them into as much loot as possible.

To set up the game, place two different resources at random on each area in Siberia, place the remaining resources on their supply spaces, draw four of the 20 investment tiles from the bag and lay them on the game board, give each player his own playing panel and workers/salesmen, then place all the action counters in the bag.

Siberia lasts an unspecified number of rounds. Each round consists of two phases: (1) drawing and placing action counters and (2) performing actions. In the first phase, all players draw six action counters from the bag, then place them on their individual playing panels. Most action counters show both a resource (five types possible) and a person (four types), while managers are on counters of their own. Each playing panel has columns for the five types of resources and the five types of workers, with space for two counters in each column. Players can also allocate counters to the "research facility" below their panel.

In the second phase, players take actions one at a time until everyone has no actions remaining or passes. A resource or worker action can be taken only if both spaces are filled in the appropriate column; when a player takes an action, he removes all action counters in the column, returns them to the bag, then takes the action.

• The "research facility" action must be carried out first, with the player taking the designated resources from the supply and placing one resource in any location that doesn't already have that resource available.

• The worker actions allow a player to place a salesman in a stock exchange, place a worker in Vladivostok, move workers up to three spaces, move a manager to any action space, or claim an investment tile; each investment tile corresponds to a particular resource or worker action and is placed on the player panel permanently, allowing the player to take this action more easily in the future since the column is always half-filled.

• Each resource action allows a player to remove that resource from all areas where he has a worker, then immediately sell them on one of the stock exchanges where he has a salesman.

A player can keep up to ten action counters on his playing panel at the end of a round, allowing him to prepare for and build up actions for future rounds. The game ends at the end of any round in which three of the five resources have no supply remaining or eight areas have had all their resources removed. (Once an area is exhausted, nothing can be placed in it for the remainder of the game.) The player who has the most money wins.