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Show Me The Kwan

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$12.95 CAD

Designer Martin Nedergaard Andersen
Publisher Griddly Games, Inc.
Players 2-10
Playtime 20 mins
Suggested Age 10 and up

In the real-time party/word game Show Me The Kwan, players try to grab dice to match the words they shout out to match a given category – but you can't say just anything. At the start of a round, someone chooses a category from a randomly drawn card, then rolls the order die, which indicates first, second or last. Someone then rolls the letter dice, and players compete to yell out words in the chosen category that have one of the letters rolled in the first, second or last position in the word. As soon as you yell out a word, grab the die! Once time runs out or all the dice have been claimed, you score points equal to the value of the letters you grabbed.

Alternatively, if you can come up with three words in the category that use a particular letter die – whether already claimed or still on the table – in the first, second and last positions (e.g., using "T" for "Touchdown", "sTance" and "punT" in a football category), then you can shout "Show Me The Kwan!", which ends the round immediately. In addition to any other points, you score three times the value of the letter used, plus 5 points. (If you used an opponent's die to create the kwan, that opponent doesn't score for the die.) Whoever scores fifty points first wins.

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