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David Hansen
Great kids game

Great kids game, played it so much we wore out our first copy and bought a second

Alex Smith
Wow - This was far more appealing then I expected.

Great game for kids and adults, like others have said, have a Jenga feel, but with my thinking. Further to this my 5 year old and 6 year old niece take great pleasure in building the towers and hoping to knock each others down. It really is a lot of fun. Heck sometimes they just use the cards to make houses. My only concern is that the cards won't hold up for long, but that's future me's problem.

Jared Secord
Fun even for adults

This game is a lot of fun, even for adults. It only takes a minute to learn, and is quick to play. Like Jenga, but with a little more strategy going on, plus the addition of the plastic Rhino figurine to be placed on the board.

Matthew McKenzie
Fantastic family fun!

Rhino hero is kind of like Jenga and kind of like Uno. Players work together to build a giant tower of cards. Who every knocks down the tower on their turn losses the game and the player left with the least number of cards in their hands is the winner. Simple. While some people might call Rhino Hero a Gateway Game, I would call it Boardgame Bait because every time I start a game of this, people come out of nowhere to watch and join in. Fun for ALL ages.

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