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Pocket Basketball

$19.95 CAD

$19.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Hamish Sterling
Pocket Sports
Players 1-2
Playtime 20 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

Here is a video about the game.

Pocket Basketball
has all 5 player dice on the court with the Referee die, a Defensive set die and a standard six sided dice for shot accuracy. Depending on if your player is OPEN or the defense has double teamed him, will change how easy or hard it is to score.

Games consist of 5 min quarters, or however long you wish to play. There are dice for each of the five court positions, plus 1 die for defense, 1 die for referee and 1 die for shot accuracy.

At tip off, both players roll the D6 with the highest roll winning possession. Every play begins with the PG being rolled first. He will either PASS to a team mate, SHOOT for 3pts or DRIBBLE

PASSING from the PG will be to the team mate shown by a letter. You can pass as many times before the SHOT CLOCK times out.
Each other player has a PASS option which they can CHOOSE which player to pass the ball to. The CENTRE and SMALL FORWARD have a special ability after they pass, however, it can only be used if the receiving player takes a shot on his next action.

  • CENTER - Pass/tip in - if the player that receives this shoots and misses, the player can roll again to try and meet the DEF level as a tip in attempt
  • SMALL FORWARD - Pass/rebound - if the player that receives this shoots and misses, the player can roll again with the SF die as the rebound was made


If either of these two pass, and the receiving player also passes, the tip off/rebound are no longer able to be used.

SHOOTING - when a type of shot is shown on a player's dice, this indicates he is attempting to score. Your opponent will then roll the DEFENSE die to set his defense. Depending on the DEFENSE level, the SHOOTER must roll equivalent or above to score a basket.

DRIBBLE - just reroll the same dice again. If you roll DRIBBLE 3 times before you take a shot, the shot clock has timed out and it's a turnover to your opponent's PG

UNCONTESTED SHOT - except for your PG, all 4 other team mates have a special shot indicated with a STAR. The DEFENSE can not roll and the Shooter scores an automatic basket.

DRAW - when rolled on the DEFENSE, means a FOUL has occurred on the shot. If the shot is good, the player will go to the free throw line for an extra point chance. If the shot misses, the player then goes to the line for either 2 or 3 FREE THROW attempts.

FOUL - when rolled on the DEFENSE, your opponent will roll the REFEREE dice to determine the infringement. Travel/Dbl dribble/Charge are all Offensive fouls and result in a TURNOVER to your opponent's PG. Personal/Flagrant foul results in a stop in play and restart by the OFFENSIVE player's PG
Ball up - both players roll their dice to see who gains possession from the jump.

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