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Phantom League COMBO: Base Game and Mostly Harmless Expansion - Free Shipping

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$105.00 CAD

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Timo Multamäki
Publisher Game Salute
Players 2-6
Playtime 90 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

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In Phantom League, you are the captain of a merchant spaceship. You begin as a nobody with a hunger for recognition and glory that will soon lead you onto a path of fame or notoriety! Build your career through trading, piracy, exploring new systems and eliminating your rivals in the other Leagues – phantom alliances powerful enough to challenge law and political order across the known universe. 

This game features:

• A modular board – every game is different
• Card-driven game play – you, not the dice, are in control of the game
• A wide range of actions and strategies – there is no single best way to win
• Cooperative and competitive interaction – choose when to ally with or conspire against other players

Phantom League is designed for 2-6 players of 12 years and up, and will take approximately 2 hours to play.

Mostly Harmless Expansion:

This expansion will include new cards for almost every deck (docking, improvement, battle, captain, mission, ship and hyperspace). The new cards will extend the game play of the base game and differentiate more between the path of fame and notoriety.

Mostly Harmless also includes a new English-language rulebook that covers both the expansion and the base game.

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