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Pew Pew!

In Stock

$22.95 CAD

Nathan Hansen
Victory Point Games
Players 1
Playtime 20 mins
Suggested Age 13 and up

Pew! Pew! is a solitaire (i.e. 1 player) game designed to emulate the feel of old school space shooters.

You are the last and best hope for survival against a horde of Advanced Alien starships on their way to lay waste to your homeworld! But are you enough?

The game is played in turns. Each turn is broken up as follows:
Sequence of Play
1) Spawn New Ships
2) Player Actions
1 AP - Fire a Pew!
2 AP - Move Orthogonally
3 AP - Move Diagonally
+1 AP - Drop a Mine while moving
ALL AP - Spawn a Heart
3) Alien Ships Move
4) Spawn Missiles
5) Move Pews!
6) Move Missiles
7) Move Player Ship Forward

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