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JT Smith
The Game Crafter, LLC
Players 2-6
Playtime 40-60 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

A good theme park tycoon knows that his or her best chances of becoming not only wealthy, but a legend in the industry is to build a park that is not only profitable, but one that keeps its Parkies happy! In Parkies, you'll strive to do exactly that. You'll compete with 2 to 6 players to build the best theme park possible, while attempting to attract the Parkies. Parkies are the absolute power in the game, so good Parkie management is as important as your ability to construct an interesting park.

In a nutshell, a series of attractions will become available on each turn. You and the other players will bid on those attractions. The winners take those attractions and add them to their park, increasing the park's allure, profitability, and/or satisfaction. Then you use those attractions to attempt to lure an interesting mix of Parkies to your park. The park with the happiest Parkies at the end of the game wins!

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