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Panzer Expansion #4: France 1940 *PRE-ORDER* (ETA Nov 2018)


$55.95 CAD

Designer James M. Day
Publisher GMT Games
Players 2
Suggested Age 14

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to play this expansion, you will need a copy of the Panzer base game; ownership of Panzer Expansions 1, 2 or 3 is NOT required.

This expansion set includes the most significant French forces that saw action on the Western front in 1940. Also included are the German forces that invaded France and the Low Countries, flanked the Maginot Line, and finally pushed on into France. The playbook includes rules for special units, new optional rules for Staggered Initiative, Command Span, and others, 12 riveting scenarios (including 2 historical scenarios depicting the fierce battle for Stonne), and unit summaries for the French and German units.

In addition to all the other features included in this expansion, there are two new exciting extras. The Panzer Leader rules and the respective 7/8” Leader counters of various enlisted and commissioned ranks for all forces – French, German, US, British, and Soviet; and the unique hull and turret damage rules and the respective 5/8” counters.

Ownership of Expansions 1, 2 or 3 is not required to field the German forces, they are all here including the STuG IIIA and Hs 123A-1 aircraft, which were not previously available. This expands on those German units included in the first three expansions – no unit IDs are duplicated. Combine the German units from all of the expansions to create customized scenarios on either the Western or Eastern Front.

The TO&Es booklet includes details for the French and German forces covering the 1940 period, including the five major divisions from the cavalry and infantry arms of the French Army, including the Mechanized Light Division (DLM – Division Légère Méchanique) and the Armored Division (DCR – Division Cuirassée de Réserve). German forces include panzer, motorized infantry and infantry divisions, as well as the Grossdeutschland (mot) Infantry Regiment.

Finally, this expansion includes the next 4 double-sided geomorphic mapboards, modeling the terrain found in the French countryside including 2 historical maps depicting the terrain in and around Stonne. Add these to the geomorphic mapboards from expansions 1, 2 & 3 for added play and many possible battle combinations.
4 Counters sheets
264 double-sided 7/8” counters
160 double-sided 5/8” counters
4 Map Panels
10” x 27.75” double-sided geomorphic maps [panels 21-28]
21 double-sided 5” x 4” Data Cards
Bre.693 Aircraft
CA25 SA-L 34 ATG
CA47 SA 37 ATG
CA75 97/35 ATG
Char B1-bis
Infantry Mortars, HMG and Anti-Tank Weapons
Infantry Squads, Half-Squads & Sections
Lorraine 38L
MB.174.A3 Aircraft
Truck AA 13.2
Unic P107

2cm FlaK 38 AAG
2cm FlaK Zgkw 1t
3.7cm FlaK Zgkw 5t
3.7cm PaK 36 ATG
7.5cm leIG
15cm sIG
Hs 123A-1 Aircraft [not previously released]
Ju 87B-1 Aircraft
PSW 221
PSW 222
PSW 231
PzKpfw 35(t)
PzKpfw 38(t)C
PzKpfw IB
PzKpfw IIC
PzKpfw IVD
SPW 251/10
SPW 251/2
STuG IIIA [not previously released]

2 full color 8 ½” x 11” booklets
Playbook: 44 pages
TO&E Booklet: 24 pages

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