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The Red Joker  |  SKU: GMG015

Okko Chronicles: The Cycle of Water - The House of Jade Pleasures

$63.95 CAD
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Designer Frédérick Condette
Publisher The Red Joker
Players 2-5
Playing Time 120 mins
Suggested Age 13 and up
Expansion For Okko Chronicles: Cycle of Water – Quest into Darkness

This expansion will transport you to sulphurous houses of pleasure and games, held by the formidable Yakuza clan of mother-of-pearl fans. Okko and his companions will have to beware of some poisonous geisha and their customers.

In addition, we propose to embody a new Hero in the person of Anko Kaori, specially created by HUB for the game. This orphan has every reason to begrudge the dangerous clan of Yakuza and she trained all her young life to quell her vengeance. Now master of the art of nunjitsu, she is also marked by a strange dragon tattoo that gives her unique powers.

Suspecting what lies behind this evil clan, she soon joined Okko and her companions ...

This extension contains:

- 6 new index cards - Host and their tokens

The wicked landmarks of the clan of jade fans are frequented by typical characters who can sometimes turn to the side of the Oni even if they have been exonerated!

- 5 Kunoïchis figurines and their reference cards

These occupants pleasure salons can be terrible assassins that leave little chance to the unfortunate who will see his head priced.

- New guards profiles

These gambling halls and houses of pleasure where the new investigation takes place are guarded by Yakuzas who possess their own characteristics and power.

Hiroji, the disgraceful bushi has managed to integrate this unscrupulous family.

- 3 front and back tiles

These tiles will build the various places of perdition under the control of the Yakuza clan where wealthy clients can indulge in their favorite vices.

One of them is a Mission tile that will develop the adventures of Okko and his band of Demon Hunters.

- 5 Event cards

They will diversify the event pick and bring more new surprises to these places where Okko and his companions chase the evil relentlessly!

- 1 new heroine: Anko Kaori

Having acquired the skills and mastery of Ninjutsu, Anko relentlessly hunts the Yakuza who exterminated his family. She quickly realized however that they were manipulated by dark forces and decided to plunge into the studies of the supernatural.

Now, the young fighter also has the talents and knowledge of a Mahootsukai!

As a result, she becomes the first Hero with two social classes.

- Equipment cards: Ninjutsu equipment

10 Equipment cards representing the typical equipment of the perfect ninja.

- 1 Scenario Book.

Finally, this expansion also includes a 5 scenario campaign that will lead our heroes into the very heart of the gruesome and desolate Den of the Pennagolan.

—description from the publisher