NATO Air Commander

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Jean-Paul Robichaud
Cold war gets hot!

This is one of those hidden gems right under your nose. I can't say enough about how well this game frames the narrative and really puts you in the shoes of being in charge of air operations during a massive military conflict back in the days of the Warsaw Pact era.
Really balances well between your air efforts, of which you never seem to have enough resources to go round, and the ground war going on all around you. At times you can see the fruits of your labor play out and see the front lines move with the help of your concentrated effort. At other times you cringe and see the enemy drive deeper into europe and putting a lot more work on your plate as you will have to try and help plug the gaps.
Awesome game from a great publishing house. This title has great replayability and will keep you coming back for more. Cannot recommend enough if you like a high tension solitaire experience with great narrative.

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