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Mit Mist und Tücke

$44.95 CAD

$44.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Note: This game is multi-language including English

The dung beetles are gathering food for their baby beetles. Methodically, they roll their dung across the wood and up the hill. Absolutely exhausting! Luckily the dear little critters are waiting on the other side of the valley. All it takes is a little shove, and the dung begins to roll all by itself down the hill to the caves. But who's hiding among the bushes? That up-to-no-good hedgehog is looking to interfere! He rolls himself into a ball and races down the hill. Soon, all the dung is rolling in all different directions.

Who will be the first to gather all his dung safely home in Mit Mist und Tücke, filling the caves with food?

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