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$16.95 CAD

$16.95 CAD

Players 2
Playtime 15 mins
Suggested Age 6 and up

Wabbits are everywhere! And their fearless leader, the Wa Wabbit, is planning to continue his invasion all the way to your house!

Discover the MiFuChi game: Win duels, lure the Wa Wabbit into your camp, and pilfer his treasure - the first player to collect all three of the Wa Wabbit's treasures wins!

A reworking of ShiFuMi, the rock-paper-scissors game, and set in the world of Dofus, players compete in rounds of rock-paper-scissors or throw down card combos to move the Wa Wabbit.

3 rocks/leaves/scissors: Move the Wa Wabbit 1 space towards your camp
3 carrots: Move the Wa Wabbit 3 spaces towards your camp
3 Lenalds: Take a treasure

When making a combo, the Dofus is like a Joker - it can be a rock, leaf, scissors, or carrot (but not a Lenald).

When the Wa Wabbit reaches the end of the board, the player wins an item in the array. The game ends when one player receives three.

The cards that a player receive for winning a round give the player a bonus (each different, and detailed on the card).
Included in the box : 50 game cards + 3 treasure cards, a puzzle gameboard and the Wa Wabbit Figurine.

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