Meeple Realty - Terraforming Colony Insert (Compatible with TERRAFORMING MARS™ Second Edition)

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Robert Sera
Handy to have

The only reason I bought this was to keep my cubes from flying all over my player board. The acrylic overlays do a good job and I’m glad I have them. Wish I could have bought just those though.

The cards fit sleeved, barely. The Mars rover is ugly. The replacement markers are ugly (I don’t use them - tempted to throw them out). The actual insert is decent but maybe not as good a quality as the Broken Token ones I have bought over the years. The boxes that hold the cubes aren’t very sturdy.

So while the acrylic overlays are great the rest is mediocre.

Gary Lynch
You don’t get plexiglass overlays

About half the cost of this insert is for plexiglass overlays which boardgamebliss doesnt send you so basically you are getting good fire tinder. This item is miss represented and BBBliss wont respond on the issue. Dont Buy!

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