Mage Knight Board Game (Standard Edition)

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Really Great for Soloing

One of the best designed games for soloing. There is definitely a huge learning curve, however, once you get over the learning hump, this is a fantastic game with great mechanics and gameplay.

Michael McGill
Made for solo

Initially, this game has a very steep learning curve but after that, you will have a very deep and enriching solo experience. I really enjoy the tactical brain-burning decisions you are presented with. A must have in your collection

Kris Petrovski
Best Solo game on the Market

The title says it all.. This is the best solo experience money can buy. The down side is set up/tear down time and play time. The down sides do not take anything away from quality of the game, just limits the amount one can play it. But even though I break this out once a year it is worth the price, just builds anticipation and makes every play memorable.

Dylan Kerfoot
Burn your brain

Pretty fiddly and a steep learning curve, but once you get going it's a very satisfying experience. Definitely play solo or with two players at most. The game involves too much waiting with more.

Jerrold Tanaka
OK, kinda messy

board games all over the place. Staff was good, knowledgeable.
busy, People at the game tables eating lunch. Xmas time.

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