Lords of Waterdeep

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Wakeman Cheng
Old But Gold

This is the game that got me into board gaming.
2012 game that still is ranked 84 on board game geek.

The simplicity of this game makes this my go to for teaching worker placement to someone that has never played before. Despite the simplicity we've had many games where the last few rounds everyone is standing/on the edge of their seat trying to see what options they have available to try and snag the win. If you like this game, I would definitely recommend the expansion Scoundrels of Skullport.

Roger Meloche
A Well Made Game

Not over-done, not under-done, just right. A Well designed game which is easy to approach and a rewarding challenge to play.

James Whalen
My first real boardgame

The first game that got me in to the hobby. Such a great worker placement made better by the expansions and still in my collection!

Charles Nadeau
Fun Euro style game

A fun game that can swing widely. you might think you're loosing then score quickly and catch up. Lots of different ways to play, do you want to go first or last and observe. Fun game for larger groups, up to five players.

Graham Gray
Best euro gateway game

Got me into euro games this one did. I still play it. Should be in everyone's collection.

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