Lands of Galzyr (Standard Edition)

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Ryan Hall
Don't understand what the fuss was about

Everyone raved about this game, so I finally ponied up and bought it. I have to admit this is about the biggest let down I have had in a board game in a long time. It's mostly based on an app. I guess I hate app-hybrid games. If I want to play a video game, I will just play a video game full stop. I just grew tired quickly of having to stare at my cell phone.

The artwork is very nice, and I am sure the story is very good, but it's more of a text based ride along and very little strategy. I just don't care for it. I just don't get it.

zachary mandell
Great Communication

Customer Support was quick to provide updates when asked.

Carly Fetzer
Engaging storytelling, immersive world

The creators of Lands of Galzyr put a lot of love and dedication into it. It’s a charming game to escape into after a busy day and let yourself get lost in the short stories and dice chucking.

Robin Levy
So much fun!

Lands of Galzyr plays well, looks great and is so much fun to play! Easy to have a night of adventures without the overhead of larger campaign games and without thousands of gray miniatures!

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