Kids on Bikes - RPG Deluxe Core Rulebook (Book)

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Lucas Carvalho
A rare find

The system is very nice and noob friendly. There’s a bunch of downsides and spaces for improvement, but still very fun. The book it self is beautiful I would highly encourage to find this same edition (hardcover) if you’re look for a nice ending book. The art is on point and it looks beautiful on my shelf.
Overall system + book I’ll give it a 4/5 just because of the systems non very good/clear written rules.

Very simple and easy RPG

Out of all the RPG's I own, Kids on Bikes is probably the simplest and easiest to pick up for new players. It's mechanics are very simple and easy to grasp, even for someone like me whose head spins while reading heavy text. But with this RPG I had no issues grasping it's very easy to understand rules. And the setting is absolutely wonderful too, which is paired nicely with the fantastic art! It really sets the vibe for a spooky RPG session.

The Dice system in this game is a really interesting one, and I'm shocked it isn't being mentioned more. When you create a character, their strengths are based on the highest dice (D20, D12, D10), but for weaknesses, lower dice is rolled (D8, D6, D4). It's a mechanic that I really like and I'd like to see it in more games in the future.

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