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It's Mine

$34.95 CAD

$34.95 CAD

This game is part of our the Import Game Collection

Unai Rubio
Mont Tàber
Players 2
Playtime 20-45 mins
Suggested Age 12 and up

It's Mine is a 2-player card strategy game where each player recruits a gang of thieves and plan how to control popular locations and sites (called Districts) in Rome, London, Paris and Barcelona. These gangs are commanded by major crooks (Boss cards), each of which can have an additional number of secondary burglars (Action cards). The more criminals a player place in a particular District, the more influence he will obtain there and, therefore, he is more likely to earn the valuable reward awarded by the District. In addition, players can also collect sets of art pieces which will provide them extra victory points at the end of the game. Finally, as usual, the player whose gang scores the most victory points will be the winner.

It is a gamers' game played in six rounds with a colourful and minimalist design that combines card drafting and set collection with area control mechanism. Players have challenging decisions such as commanding thugs, stealing precious works of art and burning evidences. Each city has its particular set of cards, so the game has a high replay value.

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