Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King

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Peter Ferguson
A great tile laying game

Isle of Skye is a tile laying game, with similarities to games such as Carcassonne. During setup, players determine goals for each turn. Players randomly draw three tiles, and secretly set a price for two of the three tiles (the third being discarded). Then the first player can purchase a tile from another player, paying him the cost set. Once all players have bought a tile or passed, they can then place their new tile(s) and score points.

There is a lot of strategy in this little game, whether to focus end game bonuses or goals on particular turns.

The variability of random goals, and random tiles means that this game offers some good replayability.

Paul Robertson
One of the Best Games there is.....

I first got it because it was a game with a scottish theme. Played it with our group and realized just how amazing of a game this is. Kinda similar to Carcassone, but more engaging and with different scoring conditions every game, the replayability is awesome. Each round starts with a buying round were everyone puts up for sale their tiles/parcels of land for the round. Then everyone takes turns buying land. After everyone has bought land, they place those tiles to expand their kingdom in whichever way that fits. How you place the tiles will determine how many points you score each round depending on the point conditions. Really simply premise and gameplay, but the depth and strategy will entertain the most diehard gamer. This has easily become one of our core staple games. We can pound of a game with 5 people in 15-20 minutes now. Great game, cannot reccomend it enough.

Joshua McDonald
Scottish Economic Fun!

One of my favourite games. I bought it for the theme but found that I loved the game. Simple enough to teach casual boardgamers easily, it has surprising depth. It merges the tranquilic tile laying of a game like Carcassone with a fiendishly cutthroat market system. It's possible that more sensitive players could be put off by the 'meanness' of the buying/selling of tiles, but its part of what I love about this game most. And the variable scoring makes the game super replayable.

Noel Dillabough

An excellent middle weight Euro, recommend using the Druids expansion with it though.

Nathan Beadle
Carcassonne but with a bit of poker and a lot of replayability!

As a huge Carcassonne fan this game caught my attention being a tile laying game and needing to match things up with the tiles. Then I looked into the game as my excitement was cranked up to 11! Each game the scoring tiles change, you are building your own little area with the tiles and not working on one big area together, and to top it off, you have the opportunity to purchase tiles from other players (or have your tiles purchased away from you)... this is my first game with a better aspect and I absolutely love it! I really enjoy how much replayability there is in this game. It's not just like Carcassonne where the board is build and changes each game but everything else stays the same. The scoring changes each game, secondary scoring opportunities change each game, not all the tiles will be played each game, and then the betting/purchasing aspect really adds a whole new dimension. This is a wonderfully fun and deep game that has a spot in my top game list!

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