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Lookout Games  |  SKU: LOG0160

Isle of Skye: Big Box

$66.95 CAD
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Designer Andreas Pelikan
Alexander Pfister
Publisher Lookout Games
Players 2-5
Playtime 60 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

Get the full load of the modern classic tile-laying game with the Isle of Skye Big Box! The Big Box contains the award-winning Isle of Skye base game (Kennerspiel des Jahres 2016), the Druids expansion, and additional scoring and tunnel tiles. A new addition is the mini-expansion Randgebiete.

In the game, you embody one leader of each of the five traditional Scottish clans. You create your own small empire in order to gain the necessary victory points. But in each game only four of the included 24 score cards are in play. This makes each game different and requires different tactics and strategies.

In each round you can buy one of the tiles of a fellow player. Face down, all players simultaneously set the prices of the pieces they offer. A high price can lead to prosperity and much needed money. However, if no buyer can be found, the seller must add the tile to his empire himself and give up the money he has invested. In the end, the player who has scored the most victory points wins.

—description from the publisher (translated)

The "Randgebiete"/ borderland-expansion is a module, that can be added to any game, alone or together with the expansions.

Every player starts with the same 6 borderland tiles in their supply. There are two tiles each of water, mountain and land.
Each of them has only two sides for connections and two already closed borders.
In each round, when you place your other tiles, you may also place one borderland tile connected to at least one other tile. If its connected to other tiles on both sides, it gets flipped to the better side with more scoring symbols (like cows, sheep) on it.
No tile may be placed touching one of the other two sides with closed borders.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tomasz Gumienny
Streamlined Classic

This game is very streamlined and easy to both teach and play. Light enough for casual gamers but meaty enough for experienced gamers to enjoy too. The expansions add more variety and depth to the gameplay, the exclusives that come in this big box edition are also not available to be purchased separate thus making this an instant purchase for anyone wanting the entire collection. Must buy for your collection!

Jacob Letwin
Great game with mostly clear rules

The game feels like a really good version of your own personal Carcassone, with a cool auction system. Some of the rules in the rule book were a little bit unclear at times, and it can feel a little fiddly to play, but I personally really like the game. It plays quicker than I anticipated as well.