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Dexton Wylde
Quick & Easy with Strategy

Super great game to pick up and play super fast. one of the easiest games to explain and just fun to play. you can get some good strategy in there and it always ends up with a rematch in my house. definitely a must have for travel

Michael Goodwin
Simple but fun

Simple and easy to pick up. The simplicity probably being both the biggest pro and con.

Mike Fuller
Tiny, Quick & Interactive Abstract Filler

TBH you need to be free-wheeling with the set up, throw it all down and remove down to down to player count. With an open information start, it lets the player's boomerrang opening-placement-trategy decide from there. Best part is the size of the box is perfect and fits nearly everywhere for a fun, travel-able quick abstract. You don't need a flat surface either, a cloth laid over most will keep the tiles from falling throug cracks, and you really don't need each tile perfectly beside the next.

I quite love this little keeper, even if it collects dust between plays, or trips.

Michael Kappel
Does not feel interesting

Overall I just feel, that for a short game there are not a lot of interesting decisions to make and as someone who prefers lower interactions with other player, this is not my cup of tea. Not many in my gaming group enjoyed this game, I have played it about 15 times and we have since gotten rid of it.

Jared Secord
Simple strategy game with long set-up time

This isn't a bad strategy game for kids or adults. But the set-up time is pretty long and finicky for such a simple game. We'd play it more if this were a little simpler or more streamlined. Battle Sheep might be a good alternative for anyone else who feels the same way.

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