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Calliope Games  |  SKU: CLP105

Got 'Em!

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Publisher Calliope Games
Players 2-4
Playtime 30 mins
Suggested Age 8 and up

Seize your friends' pawns in this delightful game of capture with two unique ways to play! "Brainy" Got'Em! offers the strategic challenge of outsmarting and cornering your opponents with deliberately placed walls, while the tricky yet fun-for-all-ages "Bright" Got'Em! has the same goal of trapping your opponents, plus colorful surprises that will keep you on your toes!

From the Box:
Corner Your Friends!

Trap their pawns in one of two delightful games of escape and capture. In Bright Got 'Em you outsmart and corner your opponents through savvy card play, sly movement, and clever placement of blocking walls. In the still-casual, but even-trickier Brainy Got 'Em! you toss aside card actions in favor of a purely strategic challenge.

Both games share the same goal, the same exciting intrigue, and the same social fun. 
Place walls to trap your opponents' pawns before they trap yours!

Surround yourself with friends and family. Get ready to enjoy mroe fun than any four walls could ever contain! It's time you Got 'Em!
Play Summary:
The goal: trap your opponents' pawns before they trap yours. Last pawn free wins!

Bright Got 'Em! (use colored side of the board)
In Bright Got 'Em!, each player starts with 3 cards and pawn. Place your pawn on the same-colored start square (one of the four squares at the corners of the board's center square). The player who's birthday is closest, goes first.

On your turn you will play a card, following each rule in the order they appear. Most cards have 2 instructions. The first tells you where you can place a wall and the second how many square you can move your pawn.

Wall Placement Rules:
Walls can only be placed along one edge of a square, between two squares.
When a player's pawn is trapped by walls in a single square, that player is eliminated from the game. The edge of the board counts as a wall.
There are a few cards that allow you to remove a wall or pass through a wall. However, you have to play these cards before your pawn is trapped! 
Once your pawn is trapped in a single square, you're out and your pawn is removed from the board.
When you trap another player's pawn, thus eliminating him from the game, you may remove any 1 wall from the board.

Moving Your Pawn
Most cards allow you to move your pawn up to a specific number of squares.
You can't move through walls, unless you play a card that allows it.
You can't move through a square occupied by another pawn.
You may only move orthogonally, never diagonally.
You can stay where you are.
You don't have to move the exact number of squares listed on the card. You can move fewer squares if you want.
You can move zig zag, first in one direction, then in another, just not diagonally up to the number of squares specified on the card you played.

After placing a wall and moving (or not), discard the card you played and draw another. (You should always have 3 cards in your hand.) Play passes to the player on your left.

The last player to have a pawn on the board wins!

Brainy Got 'Em! (use white side of board)
You don't need any cards for this version. The goal is the same: trap your opponents' pawns while illuding capture yourself.

On your turn, place a wall anywhere on the board, then move your pawn.
The number of squares you can move your pawn is equal to 1 plus the number of walls on your square. You may place a wall on the square your pawn occupies to increase your pawn's movement on the same turn.

All other rules are the same as Bright Got 'Em!

Contents: 1 double-sided game board (Bright Got 'Em! on one side, Brainy Got 'Em! on the other), 84 wall pieces, 55 Got 'Em! cards, 4 pawns, game rules.