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Golem Arcana: Urugal The Khan's Pyre Expansion

In Stock

$31.95 CAD$24.95 CAD

Publisher Harebrained Schemes
Players 2
Playtime 30 mins
Suggested Age 14 and up

Three new Golems for your Golem Arcana Army. The Urugal Keepers of the Pyre Expansion includes: • The Horned Blight, a warsprite designed to close on the enemy and enter melee. • The Plague Bringer, with its dreaded Necrotic Grasp. • The Carrion Raptor, a titan that can suck the life out of its foes. Also included are three banner stands, three TDI Golem Cards (matching the figures), two double-sided Blessing and Curse tokens, and four new Relic Cards that can be used to augment any Golem army: • The Bone Scarab: an artifact that can be used to destroy enemy Relics. • The Lamp of Dusaka: a censer capable of destroying ground cover. • The Bone Gate Totem: a fetish that can be used to resurrect and command the dead. • Zayla’s Cauldron: allows a Golem to inflict an automatic Critical Hit on an opponent.

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