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Jonathan Sepulveda
Excellent deduction game

I love this game. Partner and I play it almost weekly. Simple to set up and get going but also doesn't over stay it's welcome. There's enough little things in the base game to keep it exciting and have your change up strategies but also has some wild cards to add more replay value when you want to spice things up. Amazing game. Also the art is spectacular.

Clem Fandango
Simple yet interesting

It’s not easy finding two person games to begin with so we were pleasantly surprised to come across this game.

It takes about two minutes to set up and plays quick so if you only have 25 minutes to get a game in, this can be done easily with Fugitive.

The artwork on the cards is excellent and obviously thought was put into telling a story with the card pictures.

I’d definitely recommend this for two people.

Matthew McKenzie
Solid asymmetrical deduction game

This is my favorite Tim Fowers game. It's tight (15-20 minutes) asymmetrical deduction game with a solid theme that comes through nicely. One player plays the Fugitive while the other is the Agent trying to catch them. Simple rules that can be picked up quickly and variable event cards that can be added or removed to change the balance to accommodate a variety of skill levels. The custom art on each card is terrific and really adds to the theme. Although the box is cool, it does look a little bland sitting on your shelf. It may go unnoticed. Check it out!

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